ionCube24 Suite

Website Performance, Error and Security Monitoring

Website errors can and will happen, services can degrade in performance or have periods of outage, and a website vulnerability might allow attackers to install and run PHP malware. Automated monitoring and reporting is the only way to keep on top of this, and effective security requires not just keeping code up to date, but actual barriers in case a compromise does happen.

ionCube24 gives you a suite of monitoring services essential for any live website: Error Tracking, Server Monitoring and Website Security. These services work with the internals of PHP to provide unrivalled capture of errors and the ability to block malicious code from execution before it can do harm.

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Error Reporting

Don't rely on users to report issues

Reveal errors in your codebase or infrastructure with full PHP Error Reporting.
Discover JavaScript errors that you couldn't see any other way.

Image depicting error reporting feature on ionCube24

Server Monitoring

Know about failures at any time

Multiregion monitoring for HTTP/S, SMTP, DNS and more.

Real-time notifications when something goes wrong.

See performance trends with real time charts.

Image depicting service monitors feature on ionCube24

Website Security

Proactive defence against Malware

ionCube24 actively prevents unexpected PHP code from running.

Protection does not rely on malware signatures, and works even with unknown and previously undiscovered vulnerabilities.

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Image depicting security feature on ionCube24

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