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View outages and real-time performance trends


Status checking from Europe, Asia and North America

Server and service downtime leads to loss of business and unexpected costs.

ionCube24 real-time monitoring allows you to be aware of outages when they occur with instant alerting for HTTPS, Mail services, DNS and more.

Spot patterns in monitor charts, be notified when things go wrong and monitor your services from multiple regions worldwide.

Service Performance Charts

  • Track average, high and low metrics
  • View connect latency and total response times
  • Spot performance trends and view outages
Service monitoring

Website Monitoring Features

Uptime Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for HTTP/S, SMTP, DNS from all over the world.

Real Protocol Monitoring

Verifies that services respond correctly.

Live and Historical Charts

Spot trends in your website's performance and status over time.

Multi-Region Testing

See how your website performs from different countries.


Real-time alerting via the web, email or our mobile app.

ionCube24 Mobile App

View charts, receive and respond to alerts.

Every website owner wants to ensure that users get the best experience possible when visiting their website. ionCube24 Website Monitoring helps you deliver that experience, ensuring you are the first to know about any issues relating to website performance. We'll let you know of any issues through the web interface or our mobile app, easing the stress of wondering if everything is working as expected and allowing you to act fast if something does go wrong.

Monitor and analyse website performance.

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Other ionCube24 Features

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