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Malware has no chance to run on your website


Automate security handling

ionCube24 actively prevents unexpected PHP code from running on your server by detecting unauthorized files or modifications and blocking them.

Blocking is enforced when execution attempts are made so files don’t have a chance to run. ionCube24 doesn’t rely on scanning so you don’t need to worry about updating your threat definitions and you are always protected.

File management is made easy by allowing you to control the blocking mechanism for files via the web, your mobile device or by using our API for automated control.

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24/7 Protection

  • ionCube24 blocks files that have been modified without your knowledge that could contain malware
  • Continuous file monitoring means you are always protected and with our mobile app you can manage and view details for blocked files from the palm of your hand
  • Instant notifications mean you are aware of potential threats as soon as they are detected
Security notifications

Real-Time Website Protection Features

Real-Time Malware Protection

Block malware upon execution without scanning.

Automate Control

Automate file blocking controls with our API.

Robust Security

Protect against vulnerabilities, both known and unknown.

File Management

Toggle blocking of 'new' and 'modified' files.


Notification of unauthorised file execution via the web or our app.

ionCube24 Mobile App

Easy control of security settings via our mobile app.

Website security is something that affects everyone, whether you are a business owner, a blog writer or just browsing the net. Even if you have considered website security tools already, ionCube24 gives you another layer of protection. Website scanners aren't enough when protecting your website as it still leaves a window of opportunity for hackers. ionCube24 gives you real-time protection against intrusion by blocking malware upon execution.

Secure against malware.

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Other ionCube24 Features

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