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Discover issues in your visitors' browsers


Track errors you couldn't before

Client side errors can mean broken features, and unlike server errors, there is no log you can check.

Active error capture is the only way to discover errors that are causing issues for end users.

ionCube24 provides the infrastructure required to monitor client-side errors.

JavaScript error reporting example

ionCube24's JavaScript monitoring features

Code snippet to capture errors

Add code to your website to enable JavaScript error capture.

Real-time reports

Be notified of errors instantly via the web or the ionCube24 mobile app.

Stack trace information

Find out where an error is really coming from.

See what's causing user errors

ionCube24 provides details you can't normally see.


Sort, group and filter based on different criteria.

ionCube24 Mobile App

Be notified of errors wherever you are via the ionCube24 app.

Error tracking for other web languages

Never miss an error again.

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