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Discover errors on both client and server-side


Multiple web languages supported

Website visitors don’t report errors, so without error monitoring, how will you know if your website has a problem? With ionCube24 you can capture client-side JavaScript errors and PHP errors that are server-side.

Reveal intermittent and silenced errors in your codebase with full PHP Error Reporting. Client-side JavaScript Error Reporting captures errors affecting user experience. Prioritise your time with our simple and powerful web frontend to sort and manage captured issues.

Capture, Filter and Review Errors

  • Filtering options allow you to easily find problems at specific directory paths or filter by error type
  • Sorting options allow you to find recent errors or sort by severity
  • Details including line number and date of capture are displayed for each error
  • Stack trace information is given for uncaught exceptions
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Website Error Reporting Features

Server-Side Error Capture

Capture intermittent and silenced errors with full PHP error reporting.

Error Filtering

Quickly find and filter errors to help you prioritise your time and fix errors fast.

Ignore Unresolvable Errors

You won't be constantly notified of errors you've chosen to ignore.

Client-Side Error Capture

Focus on improving user experience with client-side JavaScript error capture.


Be immediately notified of errors in real-time via the web or our mobile app.

Mobile App

Review issues wherever you are with our mobile app.

The last thing you want is for your website visitors being the first to see you have a problem and worse still, not tell you about it. Be the first to know with real-time PHP and JavaScript Error Reporting. ionCube24 captures errors, saving you the hassle of having to search through error logs and allowing you to fix errors faster. Find, filter and prioritise issues and give your users an error-free website experience.

Never miss an error again.

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