Come join the ionCube team

About Us

Based in Kent near Canterbury, we're a small software company producing awesome tools (so we're told) such as the ionCube PHP Encoder, used by thousands of customers around the globe to protect PHP software from theft. Recently we launched ionCube24, a unique malware blocking service to protect websites from attack. We're currently looking for more creative and talented front end / full stack and server side developers to grow our UK development team.
Download our 2017 Industrial Placement presentation to Kent University (UK).

Web Developers

Joining as a web developer, you would primarily be working on ionCube24. Built with technologies such as Angular, Node, Phalcon, SocketIO, C3/D3 and C++, ionCube24 provides a real-time interface for our malware blocking software, but has an even more exciting and broader vision; you would be playing a key role in implementing and shaping the evolution of the service.

C++ developer

Our PHP security products and also ionCube24 use C and C++, and we're looking for skilled developers for whom OO design is as natural as breathing, who know why C++ is awesome and love to prove it. Experience with low level development, multi-threaded and high performance code would be an advantage.

Student placements

ionCube is also an excellent choice for an undergraduate placement. We can assist with relocation, and have had great success with students from both UK and German universities.

Get in touch

Creativity, originality/quirkyness and passion are highly valued as well as talent, and if you think you might fit in and are keen to find out more, please apply and send us your CV, or email to tell us about yourself and let's talk.

If you're not local...

Remote working is also a possibility. If you're not local you are still welcome to apply.